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5 Ways To Be A Good Yoga Student

by Rosanna on March 12, 2014, no comments

1) Practise yoga every day 2) Eat a vegetarian diet 3) Think positive 4) “Hang on.” I hear you say. “What if… I don’t want to give up meat? I’ve only got time for one yoga class a week? I keep trying to think more positively, but I can’t seem to get rid of negative […]

Am I too unfit for yoga?

by Rosanna on March 5, 2014, no comments

As a Yoga Teacher, one of the most common reasons I hear why people can’t do yoga is because they’re too unfit (also too fat, inflexible and male). A fear of being seen, judged or not accepted stops you from making it to class. Whilst yoga can help improve fitness, flexibility and… well no it […]

Simplify your Yoga Practice in 2014

by Rosanna on December 29, 2013, no comments

In 2013, I stopped blogging. For a few reasons. One being: that I had overcomplicated it. I met with a friend recently who’s a regular blogger. He writes well, in an engaging and authentic way. I asked him how long he spent on each one. “Around an hour” he told me. Smiling and relaxed. I was impressed. […]

Confessions of a Lion Yoga Teacher

by Rosanna on May 6, 2012, no comments

 Stand tall, get real Inspired by fellow Cambridge based Yoga Teacher Rachel Hawes (Fusion – Massage and Movement)’s post: Confessions of a Yoga Blogger. I eat meat. I can’t do the splits. I hide my eyes during gruesome scenes on TV. I swear a lot. My favourite part of sixth form was going to the local pub […]

Too Fat for Yoga?

by Rosanna on April 18, 2012, no comments

Tiina Veer, Founder of Yoga for Round Bodies Too often, when I tell people I teach yoga, I receive responses like this: “Ah, I’d love to do yoga, but I’m not very flexible.” “I’ll have to hit the gym for a good few months before coming to class. I’m not in great shape.” “I wish I’d […]

Why Suffering From Depression Can Be Worse On a Snow Day

by Rosanna on February 5, 2012, no comments

“Gorgeous. A snow day! Let’s go have some fun!” These will be the words and thoughts of a lot of people in Britain today. As curtains are eagerly drawn and doors are flung open, laughter and happiness will spread the streets. And whilst being a truly magical day for many, with the snow providing great opportunity […]

When Inspiration Hits, Take Action

by Rosanna on June 6, 2011, no comments

Don’t let the fire burn out before you’ve taken action.   Do you ever have an idea so strong, so compelling you just know you have to do something with it? The kind of idea that fills you with great passion and energy? Stops time and draws you in? Ideas like these tend to show […]

Yoga and Diet

by Rosanna on May 5, 2011, 2 comments

How do yoga and food influence one another? We often hear yoga and food discussed in the same topic of conversation. We see images of svelte bodied yogis, grinning blissfully whilst eating healthy food, and we hear that to be a true yoga practitioner, you had ought to give vegetarianism a go. But what exactly is […]

Yoga is…

by Rosanna on April 14, 2011, one comment

What is yoga? A selection of quotes from various top yoga teachers and students. What ‘yoga is’ to them, offering you a little inspiration. Enjoy!   Yoga is…   finding inner peace and harmony through discipline and freedom. – Catie Gordon, discovered yoga aged 14 being able to listen, to pay attention, to your body, […]

Bipolar, My Teacher

by Rosanna on April 8, 2011, 7 comments

Bipolar, My Teacher   My dad has bipolar. Since he was my age (25), he’s had extreme fluctuations between being high or ‘manic’ and being low or severely depressed. He now takes Lithium, a mood stabilizing drug, which works to balance these moods. As his daughter, and since bipolar can have hereditary implications, I’ve also […]