Yoga and Diet

by Rosanna on May 5, 2011, 2 comments

How do yoga and food influence one another?

We often hear yoga and food discussed in the same topic of conversation. We see images of svelte bodied yogis, grinning blissfully whilst eating healthy food, and we hear that to be a true yoga practitioner, you had ought to give vegetarianism a go. But what exactly is the relationship between the two? Why do yoga and healthy food, or ‘food awareness’, go hand in hand?

I’ve asked three fellow yoga teachers/enthusiasts to share a bit about their diets, how it suits them and their yoga practice…


About 80% of my diet is made up of delicious, sexy and energising raw food. The remainder is yummy vegan food that has been heated over 40 C. I LOVE this way of eating as it really does make me feel amazing, and is very supportive of my exercise and yoga routines. Since eating more raw food, I have become more flexible, which, obviously, is great for asanas. I also have more energy which motivates me to exercise and practice yoga regularly. Raw food gives me a wonderful clear mind; this helps me make better decisions in all areas of my life, and also supports meditation.

I really love food. I really love feeling great. I really love using my body and mind. Finding a way of eating that doesn’t feel a chore, but instead opens a door to a world of delicious dishes that boost my energy and supports my aim to love life, yet feel fantastic at the same time, is a true gift! When you feel amazing, you just want more! Raw food + yoga = true love forever!

Miss Best, Raw Energy Coach for Busy Professional Women


When I first found myself upon a yoga mat, I knew instinctively that I had found something that I had been seeking for a long time; mentally, physically and spiritually it felt like a homecoming but I could not have predicted just how transformational my practice would be. I had never been very good at looking after myself and my diet when I began my yoga journey was pretty appalling; an anorexic teenager, I still had the tendency to under-eat and, being busy and single, I seldom took the time to cook myself a ‘proper’ meal. I also smoked heavily and drank huge amounts of heavily caffeinated ‘diet’ drinks. Thankfully, this lack of self-love was completely incompatible with an increasingly committed asana and meditation practice – yoga revealed itself to be so much about compassion ( for me, for others, for the world ) that it was impossible to continue treating my body with such distain – the unkind habits fell away and a hunger for good fuel grew. Now, more than a decade later, I take great delight in preparing fresh – often raw – foods and try to nurture my body with love and gratitude. The better I eat, the better I feel!

Janet Lockwood, Cambridge based Yoga Teacher.

Prana, Qi, Chi, Ki – all are terms meaning vital life force energy.  We all know we are made of Qi and in order to function at our optimal level we need vitality.  Our body harnesses Qi via certain movements (such as QiYoga®) as well as sleep, meditation and diet.

Our diets need to be nutritious (meaning ‘nutrient rich’) and to fuel the body with what it needs by eating with the seasons.

To be nutrient rich, I make sure my food is as whole, fresh and organic whenever possible.  I avoid all processed food (except chocolate – I am a passionate chocoholic).  I try to eat my food within 20 mins of cutting it, to maintain maximum nutrients.  Also, I try to eat at least 15 portions of whole food per day: a handful of nuts = 1 portion, a piece of fruit or vegetable is another.

Avoiding “whites” is an important key to maximizing my vitality – no pasta, things made with white flour, white rice, white sugar, milk etc whenever possible.

Eating with the season is something I educate all my teacher trainers about.  When it is a hot dry day (ie Yang) then eat cool moist foods that are yin (such as cucumber etc).  On cold and damp (Yin) days I eat warm spicy foods, therefore balancing my body with a yang  internal environment when my body is experiencing a Yin external environment.

Fiona Kaczmarczyk, QiYoga® Founder


And as for me…

Currently you can find me eating all sorts; meat, fish, dairy, bread, fruits and vegetables… even chocolate! I’m at an ‘eat what I fancy’ stage of life, and it feels good. I like a mix of discipline and freedom. Perhaps saying I won’t have any sugar today, but on Friday I’ll treat myself to a delicious patisserie! – and really enjoying it, guilt free 🙂

And as for tomorrow? Who knows. Maybe I’ll be a vegan, a vegetarian or a Frenchie again? Or something entirely new and inventive. You see, for me, one of the joys of life is flowing with change, being able to reinvent myself and shake things up whenever suits – my diet included.

The truth is that in allowing myself the space and openness to eat what I fancy, I seem to quite naturally create the balance of everything I need: strength and lightness, vitality and grounding, nutrition and pleasure. In throwing out ‘too many rules’, but still keeping some discipline, I can listen to what my body, mind and soul truly need.

Since starting yoga, I can definitely say that I’ve gained greater awareness towards the foods I choose to eat and how different kinds of foods make me feel. I value the quality of food and I notice more when I’m full, meaning I tend not to overeat.  I know how good it feels to eat lots of healthy food: fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, salads… and the positive effect it has on me – especially after hitting the mat.


I think many of us are on a ‘food journey’, exploring different avenues and seeing what ‘fits’. We want to feel good, look good and have lasting energy – and we’re more and more making the connection between practices, such as yoga and good diet, and both our physical and mental well-being.

Where are you on your food journey?

I’d love to hear a bit about your diet! What foods/recipes make you feel good, open up and provide you with good energy levels, and how your approach to eating has been influenced by yoga? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and happy munching!



Yoga is…

by Rosanna on April 14, 2011, one comment

What is yoga?

A selection of quotes from various top yoga teachers and students. What ‘yoga is’ to them, offering you a little inspiration. Enjoy!


Yoga is…


finding inner peace and harmony through discipline and freedom.

– Catie Gordon, discovered yoga aged 14

being able to listen, to pay attention, to your body, to your breath, to other people.

– Michael Hutchinson

a series of exercises that will reveal to you your highest and greatest self.

– Dina Prioste

pressing pause on a busy life and making space to breathe in new energy.

– Beck Collins, PhD student

time for me to be totally with myself, my body, my breath. Stretching into new territory, finding my edges, exploring what’s next. Ahhhhh.

– Corrina Gordon-Barnes

the future, now. As the new world questions the relevance of old religions, yoga comes forward as an ancient spiritual art form, from the eternal offerings of India. Its humble task is to define the non-sectarian way forward for each individual to find Truth, Love and God in the sanctuary of the their own blossoming soul!

– Neil Patel, Director of Chi Kri Yoga and Hip Hop Yoga in the UK

the place where I come to reconnect with source energy. When I don’t have the “space” to meditate, I get on the mat and start the simple breath in and out. It never fails to bring me back to myself and the greater possibilities in life.

– Denise Duffield-Thomas, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

clarity in action.

– Lesley Isaacson

my best friend–it supports me throughout my day and constantly reminds me to be happy and thankful for all that I have. And, how amazing it is to be alive, to breathe, to move, to live, to love, to laugh and to learn. I can’t imagine my life without yoga!

– Kristin McGee

a way to create space inside me: inside my body so that it can relax and take a lovely deep breath; inside my mind to stop her fretting and inside my heart so that it can be filled with love and hope.

– Blanka Priddle

an oasis of calm amid the desert of chaos, a place where I can be me and a big fat sprinkling of fairy dust in an otherwise ordinary day!

– Rachel Hawes, Cambridge based yoga teacher and massage therapist

peace of mind.

– Suzanne Thompson, Founder Director & Principal Teacher of Fontmell Magna Yoga Sanctuary & Retreat, Dorset

connecting my mind, body and spirit.

– Andre Daley

the simple wisdom of life.

– Katrin Heuser


In my experience, the Physical Yoga Practice is a simple system to Get out of My Head and into My Breath. This sneaks me into what I call a State of Yoga, or Complete Presence.

– Michael Gannon, Yoga Dealer

Be the goal, the union, the love of all loves.

– David Sye


Woah, pretty cool huh? Yoga really can mean so many different things, depending on who is experiencing it. Our life’s circumstances, our influences and where we are at on our personal journey can all affect our perception of and our connection to this fabulous ancient practice.

What is yoga to you?

For me, at this time in my life, yoga is…

my inner child reminding me who I am.

This just seems to resonate with me the most, as I find myself in a place where I’m exploring my playful side, embracing my whole self and reflecting on my younger days. I feel called up to take things less seriously, let go more and really have fun with life.

I’d love to hear what yoga is… to you! Take a minute or two to close your eyes and see what comes up. No push or shove, just allow it to flow from source. Perhaps it’ll come to you later, during your next time on the mat or out on a walk in nature. And please do share by leaving your Yoga is… quote as a comment below.

Bipolar, My Teacher

by Rosanna on April 8, 2011, 7 comments

Bipolar, My Teacher


My dad has bipolar.

Since he was my age (25), he’s had extreme fluctuations between being high or ‘manic’ and being low or severely depressed. He now takes Lithium, a mood stabilizing drug, which works to balance these moods.

As his daughter, and since bipolar can have hereditary implications, I’ve also been affected by the illness.

Do I have bipolar? I don’t believe so, no. What I think I have is the tendency towards it and its extreme moods.

Growing up, I saw my dad suffer his highs and lows. I saw the terrible sadness it brought him as well as the impact it had on my family. I used to swallow back tears at my dad’s bedside during his hospital stays, too scared to feel my emotions. I remember me and my siblings writing lists of all the things my dad was good at, which were stuck up in the dining room for him to look at whenever he felt low. I wanted to make him happy.

Even though I buried it, I was afraid that I too had the illness. I’d close myself off in my room, working on strategies and making endless lists and plans to help keep myself in balance, whilst pretending to the world (and myself) that I didn’t have it at all. No, my depression was different. And bipolar didn’t exist.

As a teenager, I used to dart from one extreme to the other. A friend recently admitted to me: “Yes you did act very bipolar Rosanna. You were manic Friday to Saturday, terribly depressed Sunday to Tuesday and then making your way back up the rest of the week, ready to repeat the cycle.” I was trapped in a whirlwind of extreme behaviour, not sure who I was or what I was doing.

I repeated this pattern for the first part of university too, reveling in the highs and hating the world in the lows. I used to sit on my bed, after a night of ‘the rush’ in my awful depression and not understand how other people could function so well, get their uni work done and not have to battle with themselves. I knew I was experiencing more than a bad hangover.

Holidays were my recovery time. I’d retreat home and shut myself off from the rest of the world on the desperate quest to bring balance back in. In my weakness, I’d depend on my Mum and sister to help my through the mental shit I was suffering, whilst trying to take care of my physical world. I’d go sober, only eat nourishing and healthy food and exercise my ass off. I’d be in bed by 9pm and make sure all things were calm and peaceful around me.

And whilst my strategies worked well and I did rejuvenate myself, the battle came once I stepped out of my safe cocoon and reengaged back in the world. I knew it was my choosing but yet I didn’t have the courage to break away from my limiting patterns of behaviour. I’d tell no-one what I was going through and just give off the impression that I was fine, just like them and up for a laugh, alcohol included.

It wasn’t until I was 20 that I stepped free. I was living in Paris on a placement, away from the influences. Nobody knew me, so it was a lot easier. I made the conscious decision to reinvent myself. I became a Frenchie, quit alcohol and hit the gym. A few of my friends found it hard to accept the change in me. And not really surprisingly since I’d always isolated myself during my depressive bouts and only my Mum and sister had ever really experienced that version of me. “Why the sudden fascination with sober and healthy living?” It made no sense.

But I knew I’d come to a pivotal time in my life. I was on a crossroad.  I could continue to drift further away from my centre or step off the rollercoaster. I often wonder what my life would be if I’d chosen to water the other seed. I know it wouldn’t be pretty and I’d be in a lot of pain. No, that was never going to be my story.

So, I walked a new path. Welcoming in new friends and experiences. I tried on new behaviors and shifted old beliefs. Two steps forward sometimes, and one step back. I allowed my higher self, the one who knew what was really good for me, to scoop me up in its arms.

I started to look true happiness in its face, by doing things which had lasting benefits. I enjoyed balance, rather than rockiness, positivity rather than sarcasm. And on my return to university in fourth year, I fell in love with yoga.

What yoga has brought to my life, I cannot stress enough. All the things that I had craved over the years, I was finally experiencing: the freedom, balance, stability, peace, strength happiness, clarity, authenticity… I could get on with work, undertake projects and hang out with my friends without mental distraction or irritability. Sure I’d taken up exercise before in a big way before, but this was different.

I tapped into my strength and let my higher self in.

And I’d receive comments like “You’re so calm, peaceful and balanced Rosanna” “Have you always been happy” “You were probably a ballerina as a child to be so flexible.”

People often see me as a born peaceful, balanced and positive gal. And for a while, I’d happily go along with this, not wanting to expose my other side. I’d continue to retreat away if ever depression or any kind of imbalance would show up and only let people see the ‘on top’ me. It’s only recently that I’m coming to accept all that I am, my tendency towards bipolar included.

Life is a journey of self-discovery. We find our way through, and it’s not always easy. I know that I’m heading strong and also that I don’t want to tip the boat. Some days I get the urge to live a bit off centre, go wild! And I curse the Universe that I have to try to be balanced. “Life’s not fair!” I’ll cry. But the reason I keep my hat on is because I know strongly what my life purpose is. I’m here to teach yoga and help others find the peace and balance that I know is possible.

So I thank you bipolar for being my teacher, for the gifts that you’ve given me. For without the dark, I would not know the light.


I JUST Ran The Marathon… And How YOU Too Can Be One Of Those ‘Other People’

by Rosanna on October 21, 2010, one comment

I can’t do that!

“Ahh that’s so cool. I’d love to be able to do that. I’m just not any good, never have been. ”

Have these words ever come out of your mouth? Popped into your head? That you’re not good enough to do something you think is pretty cool, that what you find exciting is way out of reach and something that only those ‘other people’ do.

I hear these kinds of comments all the time, just dropped into conversation, without much thought behind them.

“I’ve never been able to run. I need alcohol to hit the dance floor. I’m a useless speller, so I don’t write. I’m too inflexible to practise yoga. I wish I had the confidence to speak in front of people. If only I had the skills to put on a workshop.”

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Sorry to be blunt, but these are what they are. We look on in amazement at what other people are doing, telling ourselves that we’re incapable: not smart enough, strong enough, important enough, pretty enough – ‘good enough’ to be doing it too.

But by nurturing these thoughts and beliefs, we put the very things we dream of out of reach and then wonder why we’re left unfulfilled.

Can you relate to this feeling of unfulfillment? A panging deep inside?

Well, I’m here to offer you a different perspective. A new approach to those scary, distant and unfathomable things we’ve convinced ourselves we can’t do.  I want you to know that those things we’ve made impossible are actually VERY POSSIBLE, the dreams we’ve caused to subside CAN be put back afloat and the skills we need in order to live the life we so desire are finger distance away.

So, are you ready to claim the qualities that you so long for, practise the skills you want to be yours, be the oh-so-amazing person you were born to be?

It’s time to be one of those ‘other people’. Hold tight. This might shake you up.

How to be one of those ‘other people’

So, let’s go for it eh? Let’s get the ballet shoes out of the dusty box. Let’s find our diary and allow creativity to flow again. Let’s buy a new cossie and hit the pool…

But hang on, is it really that simple?

Don’t we need some groundwork? A bit of time to adjust and find our feet? Can we really just get up of the sofa and dive straight into the swimming pool, being one of those ‘out there’ people?

YES! Yes we can! We really can do that. There’s no big process here, not really. We don’t need long periods of time to get ready, months to prepare ourselves. We can get going today! Right now in fact.

Feed your self-belief

Sound scary? Good! I’m trying to budge you out of your comfort zone. And ‘fear’ plays a big part here. Yes, it is scary to start the ball rolling. We may feel panicked when our first toe reaches new water, anxious to leave the nest and terrified of telling others what we’re up to:

“I’ve decided to jump out of a plane. I’m taking a knitting class. I’m going to become a hip-hop dancer. I’m running a marathon.”

Let me hear you say it – sscaarrryyyy stuff!!

But NOT a reason to lie low, dip out, forget it or pretend you never wanted to do this crazy thing anyway.

So, sure, you’re gonna need a little self-belief. Quite a bit in fact, so that when the going gets tough and you hear your partner cry “YOU. You are joining a music band. Don’t be silly. You don’t know music for s***!” you can take it. And even when your parents or your best friend doubts you, you can hold yourself steady and strong amidst the questions firing, defending your idea and your passion firmly.

But no need to worry here. The confidence and the self-belief will come. Just set the ball in motion and get out there and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it can all come to you. Don’t let anyone tell you your idea, your dream is out of reach.

Change the story.

Why has it taken so long? I hear you saying.

The only reason that we’ve been sitting back a while, letting the people around us and on the TV inspire us whilst we tell ourselves that we can’t do what they’re dong is because we’ve allowed these beliefs in and we’ve chosen to strengthen them rather than get rid or change them.

But now we can see that those beliefs we’ve been hanging on to are waaaay out of date, we can start to change the story, create a new history, so we don’t look back on time wasted. So don’t worry too much about the past, just get stuck in to the present.

You’re the headline. You’re the star of your own show. Live it, don’t watch it.

Last Sunday on 17th October, I ran the Amsterdam marathon. To see me and my bud at various ‘k’ points along the way (42 in total), here’s a video clip.

Not a particularly impressive runner before and certainly no long distancer, I went for it. All 26 miles. I set myself the challenge in December 2009, as one of my New Year’s Resolutions.’ I blogged about it: Why I’m Running The Marathon in 2010 and I told the world. (Well I had to make myself accountable didn’t I? More scary stuff :))

Rather than wait for proof that I could do it, I leapt at the chance, plunging myself into the unknown. Did I feel fear? Oh yes, you betcha. Did I stumble? Yes I came back from my first five minute run wheezing and feeling sick.  But I decided I wasn’t going to let any fear or hiccups stand between me and my exciting challenge. I wanted to be a runner and I knew that if I did all the things that ‘those running people’ do, there was no reason why I couldn’t too. So, I kept at it, training strong, running good distances, allowing people to call me a runner – and it felt good. I was inspiring ME rather than just being inspired by others. To track back over my journey, here’s my April blog Training For The Marathon: The Journey So Far, written just after completing my first half-marathon in Oxford.

Make news

I want you too to watch yourself do what you thought only other people did, see photos of yourself wearing the medals you thought only others wore, make news, instead of just watching it.

So, go for it. Pick up the phone right now and book a first class or course in something you’d love to try. Ask a friend to join you in an exciting challenge. Commit to seeing your dreams through.


Next steps…

Please leave a comment below sharing things you’ve already done which are like this, where you’ve been the star of your own show. Or, leave a comment about how you’re going to get out there now and cease the opportunities available, making headlines.

If you’ve been inspired by running and would like to start pacing pavements, then why don’t you join me on my next organised run? On March 20th 2011, I’ll be taking part in the Reading Half-Marathon. Check out the site for details and let me know if you decide on it. Be great to see you there!

If you think yoga could be your thing and you’d like to come along to a class, then take a look at what I offer. Yoga can help brilliantly with building up self-belief and confidence – just what you need to BE one of those ‘other people’.

I so look forward to hearing from you, with all your tales of getting out there and being the stars of your own show!


Want to hear more about my marathon achievement: what inspired my journey and motivated me to reach the finish line? AND discover quality information for how such skills can be transferable into setting up your own business? then Corrina Gordon-Barnes’ blog 5 Business-Building Insights From A First-Time Marathon Runner is well worth a read. You’ll find invaluable nuggets of advice here.

Why a No-Show can be the Best Show.

by Rosanna on October 12, 2010, 8 comments

Ever organised an event and nobody showed up? Thrown a party and seen your guest list shrink at the last minute? Sat down for a romantic dinner whilst your loved one worked late?

These kinds of set-backs happen all the time. We put ourselves out there, whether it’s: organising a school reunion five or ten years down the line, hiring out an expensive venue for our birthday or spending hours cooking up a treat for our partner – just to feel disappointed, upset and rejected when things don’t go to plan. By plucking up courage and taking risks, we can experience a whole lotta nasty feelings from our vulnerability and over exposure. We can feel let down, insignificant and plain old ‘not good enough.’

And so the nerve racking build-up to an event, the time-consuming preparation and the exciting anticipation can seem like the biggest waste of time ever.

A reason to stop taking risks? To run for cover and hide? Cancel the party? Throw the linguini in the bin?


And this is why…

Our self-worth, our strength, our confidence and our pleasure should not be dependant on results, on outcomes or on anybody.

If nobody turns up to our event, we’re still great! If we only have a few friends at our party, we’re still Miss Fantastic! If our partner chooses to opt out of date night, they’re the one missing out! BIG STYLE.

In any situation, we need to be able to tap into these top qualities we have in us. We need to be able to feel strong, powerful, beautiful and worthy.

We don’t need to be victims to a situation or a receiver of what ‘life throws at us’. We can choose to turn any event around and view it in a new light. We can choose celebration over disappointment.

Because we are the ones who need to own our brilliance. See ourselves as the amazing and fabulous people that we are.

Just because not many people or nobody turns up to what we’re putting out there DOES NOT MEAN that something is wrong with what we’re doing, or more importantly wrong with us. Sure, we may want to tweak a few things, be it: our guest lists, our choice of venues, our communication or our marketing skills BUT what we don’t need to think is that we need to change or hide from ourselves.

Let me repeat, WE DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE. We are fabulous as we are. – We just gotta see this.

So, yes it can be terrifying to do or say something when the stakes are high and we’re unsure of how another person or a group will respond. But this is no reason not to take risks, to hold back and compromise our self-worth.

I don’t believe that any good can come from us playing small, running for cover or not owning our brilliance. Such temporary comfort can really start to bite over time.

What we need then is to learn how to be prepared for any event. And in fact, dazzle fully in it.

Disappointment to celebration

So, here’s my story from today. Read here how I turned my first yoga class No-Show into the Best Show.

Tuesday arrived. The day of my first yoga class in a new city. Whoopee! The venue had been hired. Flyers were out. The message was spread. I spent all morning getting ready for the class, both physically and mentally. I meditated, twice! I printed health questionnaires, rolled mats, put CDs in place. I called the venue to go over the nitty-gritty. I spent time making myself look pretty, putting on nice make-up, lying out my best yoga gear and doing my hair. I was all good to go.

So after getting to the space, laying out my forms and taking a last few deep breaths, the worst hit me – no-one was coming.  I gave it five or ten minutes before confirming this. Of course, I hadn’t known how many people (if any at all) would turn up. That’s just the nature of a drop-in yoga class starting out – no certainty attached.

BUT I had so hoped that people would come, that at least one person would show! Immediately, I was disappointed. And whilst I was allowing myself to feel my emotions, I soon saw that I was faced with an important decision. And this decision would impact not only the next few minutes or hour’s class, but the rest of my day and probably week.

Would I roll up my mat and walk away not feeling good enough, or would I stay put and create a different story?

You’re gonna love what I chose!

In those few moments, I appreciated that the choice was mine. I got to decide how I’d feel from having no-one come to my class. And so I grabbed hold of my strength and chose to see the situation in a new light. An empty room, yes. Wasted money, perhaps. But what it wasn’t going to be was a dent in my confidence.

You see, I got a lot from the class today. Because in those first few minutes of nobody walking through the door, I re-examined my thought that NOBODY had turned up and realised that even this wasn’t true. Somebody had turned up – ME. I had turned up and who was I to not give my best class to me? And throw this opportunity away?

So I chose to stay. To recognise the beauty of what was. Staying present with reality as it had showed itself.

And for the whole hours class, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in a lovely space, I celebrated me. I lay down on my mat in Savasana and I honoured my fabulousness for making this class happen, my courage for showing up and my self for all that it was in that moment.

It was truly magical. I saw my pre-nerves melt away, my anxiety fade into the distance and my disappointment vanish. I had the sunshine beaming in at me, filling me with warmth and glow. Wah! Savasana permeated the space right up to the high ceiling. With the wooden floor supporting me, I felt at peace and ease with myself.

It didn’t matter that nobody else had come to class, because I got to fully appreciate me, my journey to that space and all that I had achieved in being there. Ahhh.

Celebrate you

What I want for you to take from this is that we are in ourselves worthy human beings. We have a choice to recognise this and dance our song or hide ourselves away and not appreciate our worth. We can choose to strengthen our self-esteem and our power. We can give ourselves unconditional self-love OR we can pretend that we’re not worth these things.

The story of every moment really is up to you.

So, next time no-one shows up, be it: on your birthday, for your special event, your party, your dinner invite, your reunion – remember to show up yourself, in your best outfit, with your biggest smile and with a sense of pride, knowing that you did good, you deserve to enjoy yourself and dazzle!

In everything we do, we are there, in the moment. We always show up. Make us count too.


Next steps

Ok, so I’ll leave you now to go out, take risks and feel fabulous – no matter the outcome. You can rest assured I’ll be doing it too!

If you’ve been inspired and have decided to step up and celebrate you, I’d love to hear from you! Why don’t you send me a message below.

Me, I’m off now to read up on how I can fill my class for next week. Because whilst I was happy celebrating me today, I’ve love to share the celebration with you next time! Thankfully I know of an excellent blog on the subject, written by the inspirational coach Corrina Gordon-Barnes: Filling All Your Places: How To Sell Out Your Service. – this is where I’m headed now…


If you’ve decided you want to join me in class, fantastic! Find details of my group classes here. I look forward to seeing you!